Why choose St. Mary's?

St. Mary's prides itself on being a welcoming community where all feel safe, supported and valued.  We are an integral part of St. Brigid's Parish.  We are a Catholic school where parents and teachers strive together to develop each child's full potential spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.  We recognise that each child is unique and has a right to develop their talents, especially in developing meaningful relationships with God and fellow community members.

At St. Mary's we ensure that every student receives the high-quality education they deserve.  We explicitly teach literacy and numeracy skills in a learning community where knowing and living the gospel values is consistently promoted.  In doing so, our students become lifelong learners with the ability and opportunity to make valuable contributions to their families and communities.

While we strive to work in partnership with our families, we recognise that parents are the main and prime educators of their children.  We aim to strengthen and support our families in their children's quality education.  It is our privilege to work with families and share this responsibility of helping prepare their children for the future.