PLEASE NOTE:  ALL medical students require paperwork filled out (annually) and signed off by the Doctor.  

Medical Advice to School Form (yellow): 

This form is to be completed by the parents of a child who is administered medication at school during school hours.  Once completed, please return to the Principal.

To be completed by prescribing Medical Practitioner (A parent may complete this form using information from the medical practitioner).

Student Asthma Record (blue): 

This record must be completed by parents/ carers in consultation with their child's doctor (general practitioner).  Parents/ carers should inform St. Mary's P.S. immediately if there are any changes to the management plan.

Individual Health Plan (pink):  For students diagnosed with Anaphylaxis or Severe Allergies.

This plan is to be completed based on information from the student's medical practitioner provided by the parent.